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 How NBFCs are managing their workflow
June 5, 2023

How NBFCs are managing their workflow

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Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFC) manage their workflow and all the process of loans through a combination of manual processes and digital solutions. Here are some of the common aspects of how NBFCs manage their workflow and all the process of lending:

Loan Origination 

NBFCs receive loan applications from customers. At the same time, managing all the details and the documentation. The workflow begins with the verification and assessment of these applications. This may involve evaluating the applicant’s creditworthiness, income verification, and collateral assessment. In this process, every process is evaluated from the digital form of management. This is the process of the documentation where all the details for the approval and get to know about the qualified criteria for the disbursement of the amount of the loan process. 

Document Collection and Verification 

NBFCs require various documents from the applicants, such as identification proofs, income statements, bank statements, and property documents. They collect and verify these documents properly to ensure their authenticity and compliance with regulatory requirements. It is the basic process of managing all the documents to complete the check for approval and for the fraud check basis also. This is a concept where such id proofs and other important documents are verified for a better management system and for running the lending process in a good manner. 

Risk Assessment 

NBFCs evaluate the credit risk associated with each loan application. To check the documentation process in a good manner and to implement the situation for the rejected application process accordingly. They use various tools and techniques with terms and conditions, including credit scoring models, to assess the likelihood of repayment. This helps them to determine the interest rates, loan amounts, and terms and conditions for the borrowers in different phases. This defines the actual parameter of the management system and manages the assessment for the work and progress in the whole lending process. 

Loan Approval and Disbursement  

Once the risk assessment is complete, NBFCs decide on the loan approval. Then they decide to disburse the actual amount as per the recommendations and demands of the clients. Approved loans are then disbursed to the borrowers, and according to that procedure, all the documentation processes are being followed. 

Servicing and Repayment 

NBFCs manage the servicing of loans, including sending periodic statements, collecting payments while with the EMI option also, and addressing customer queries by providing customer service to their clients. They may have a dedicated customer service team to handle borrower interactions and facilitate smooth repayment processes while managing the customer service department in which all the facilities related to the queries and other interactions are managed accordingly for the best Loan Management System

Collection and recovery 

In case of delinquency or default, NBFCs follow a structured workflow for collections and recovery. They follow some terms and conditions to manage their client’s behavior for the repayment of the loan amount, and they take proper follow-up from their clients to manage appropriately and to have conversations with such conditions to manage their repayment options in the best way. This may involve other factors too, including reminders, follow-ups, negotiation, and, in extreme cases where clients are not returning the amount of the loans and interest rate on time or something in this scenario, things actually to legal action to recover the outstanding dues. 

Regulatory compliance 

NBFCs need to ensure compliance with the various regulatory requirements and guidelines set by the relevant financial authorities. This involves several points of documentation and their maintenance in a proper way. This includes maintaining the proper documentation, reporting, and adhering to the regulations such as KYC (Know your customer), AML(Anti-Money Laundering),  and data protection laws. It is compliance as mandatory documents that need to be connected with the lending process for the completion of the loan process in a good manner. 

Digital Solutions

Many NBFCs have implemented digital solutions to streamline their workflow. To manage their work management efficiently and to be more effective in terms of management and system through digital solutions. This may include using loan management software, customer relationship management(CRM) Systems, and document management tools to automate the process, enhance efficiency, and improve data security. This is important also for financial institutions to adopt the technology for the best outcome and to get a more efficient structure to manage accordingly. This digital solution has changed the way of managing the workflow and documentation process for the best outcomes and providing the best services to the clients. 

It is important to note that the specific workflow may vary depending on the size, nature, and operational model of the NBFC. It is completely dependent on the basic things and structure and the way of handling the loan process and managing according to the structure of maintenance of the records and other data of the customers. Larger NBFCs may have more complex workflows and sophisticated technology systems in place to manage their operations effectively as they have to handle the most important factors of the management, such as handling the large loan book and other important criteria, such as handling the actual standards of their customers while providing customized products also. They deal with the proper management system, and as such, they are more required to adopt digital solutions for their financial institutions and for providing the best services to their clients. 


NBFC Software has different structures of working with the same workflow, and this is all about having multiple parameters to work with for several customers as they have loan origination first in their structure to start with the process of managing the term of the documentation and with all the mandatory documents of the customers. Then they go for the documentation collection and verification in which they verify the documents and approve the documents while checking the fraud and all other factors of the defaulters. Then they go for the risk assessment. They go step by step with an easy flow and efficient flow to manage all things accordingly. To reduce the risk in the management system in effective ways.

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